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MORPH – Week 6, Wednesday


Resentment kills a fool. (Job 18:4)

Wednesday, February 17

Most of us think that when we forgive we are releasing someone else, we’re setting someone else free. While that’s true, it’s only half of the story.

When we forgive we’re also releasing ourselves - we’re setting ourselves free! The word “resentment” literally means “to feel again.” To resent is to cling to the past and relive over and over the painful moments of when people have done us wrong. It’s as though we’re picking at a fresh scab over and over and over. In doing so, we’re prolonging healing and risking infection.

The tragic irony is that, through our refusal to forgive, we remain bound to the people we can’t forgive.
We seek to forgive for many reasons, not the least of which is that Jesus calls us to do so and He is our Lord. But anything Jesus asks us to do is also for our sake because He came that we might have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10).

Years ago, Max Lucado was speaking about anger at a men’s gathering. He described resentment as a prison and pointed out that when we put someone in our jail cell of resentment, we are stuck guarding the door.

Max writes the following in The Great House Of God.

After the message a man introduced himself as a former prison inmate. He described how the guard at the gate of a prison is even more confined than a prisoner. The guard spends his day in a four-by-five-foot house. The prisoner has a ten-by-twelve-foot cell. The guard can’t leave, the prisoner gets to walk around. The prisoner can relax, but the guard has to be constantly alert. You might object and say, “Yes, but the guard of the prison gets to go home at night.” True, but the guard of the prison of resentment doesn’t.

Jesus has come to lead all of us home.

Grace and peace,


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