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    What Happens After I Die?

    Through the years here, I’ve often been asked questions about heaven, and I’ve often said, “One of these days, I’ll do my best to answer that one in a series on heaven.” Well, that time has come. We have two weekends left in the “Heaven” series, and for the next two weekends, I’m going to do my best to address some of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received. This coming weekend, we’ll devote our attention to just one.

    “What happens after we die?” I’ve traditionally responded that “We’re with the Lord, that’s all that matters.” But that hasn’t seemed to be satisfactory to many of you. Instead, you’ve only asked me more questions. :^)

    If heaven isn’t in its final version until the end of time, which is what we’ve seen in Revelation 21, then where are we? Does our spirit go to sleep and the next thing we know we’re waking up at the return of the Lord? Or are we conscious of being in the Lord’s presence and yet “waiting” for the return of the Lord? If so, what are we doing in that realm? Are we conscious of what people who are still alive are doing? And what about those who’ve passed who didn’t know the Lord?

    I’m going to do my best to address these questions along the way this weekend. There are some clues the Lord has left us in Scripture. You may be thinking, “Why are we spending any time on this? We need to focus on life in this realm!”

    I would say, though, that addressing concerns and fears regarding what’s beyond death will actually set us free to live more effectively in this realm.

    One of the reasons Jesus came was to set us free from a slavery to the fear of dying (Hebrews 2:15). The fear is real.

    So is Jesus.

    And it’s for freedom He’s come to set you free. (Galatians 5:1)

    I hope to help you embrace that freedom more deeply this weekend.

    Bring a friend!

    See you Thursday night or Sunday!

    Grace and Peace,


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    Hollywood, Heaven, You And Me

    Robin Williams wandered through a vividly colorful, custom-made heaven in What Dreams May Come. 

    Al Pacino ruled hell from the plush penthouse offices of his New York City law firm in The Devil's Advocate.

    Angels fall to earth and want to stay in City of Angels.

    Audrey Hepburn teaches Richard Dreyfus how to be a guardian angel in Always.

    Burt Reynolds is an animated mutt who learns that All Dogs Go To Heaven.

    Hollywood can’t help itself.  Maybe that’s because it knows we can’t help ourselves. Cynics may pontificate about heaven being “pie-in-the-sky” nonsense, but deep down inside, most people can’t help but consider what it will be like. 

    I’m excited about being “back in the saddle” with you for week 3 of “Heaven.” I’m also deeply appreciative of Tim Ketchersid and Ryan Rainey walking us through week 2 this past weekend! 

    We’ll be exploring what’s missing from heaven, why it matters, and what it has to do with us today.  Bring a friend.  God’s heart is that no one will be missing. He works in “Lost and Found.” Let’s do, too.

    Join us tonight (6:45 VR Campus) or Sunday!

    Grace and Peace,


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    Start Where You Are

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning. But you can start where you are and change the ending.” (C. S. Lewis)

    This month marked our turn into the second half of 2017.  If you’ve drifted off-course when it comes to your walk with Jesus, there’s no time like the present to start where you are.  Part 2 of our series “Heaven” is this weekend.  Share this promotional clip in your social network (click here), bring a friend, and dive in! And if you’re on the road this weekend or working, don’t forget our first service of the weekend tonight at 6:45 pm at the VR Campus.

    Spotlight’s been in full swing at the FB Campus for our Branch kids and their guests from both campuses.  It’s been an epic week, and we have so many people who’ve served to help make it happen.  Thank you!

    Grace and Peace,


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