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No Greater Miracle So Lesser Known ; Important Info Regarding Beyond Me

There may be no greater miracle in all of Scripture that’s lesser known than the one we’ll come to this weekend in Joshua. It’s one some laugh at because it’s so ridiculous in its scope and magnitude. It’s one that others are troubled by because of what it suggests about God and us. Curious yet? I can’t wait to unpack it with you!  I may be more excited about this message than any one thus far in this series because of the very real implications it has for our daily lives!

Hopefully you’ve received a household commitment card in the mail in the last few days related to the Beyond Me campaign. November 12th is the time for us to turn in our commitment cards. Again, this piece is critical to us determining next steps in our journey as a church. Thank you for praying the way you have the last several weeks!

If you would rather turn in your commitment electronically, you can do so here or also through our Branch App. To learn more about Beyond Me, you can begin reading here.

We also have one more Q & A scheduled for this week related to the expansion/remodel of the Vista Ridge Campus. It’s tonight at 7:00 pm at Vista Ridge. Thanks to all who made it to the Q & A Monday evening at the FB Campus!

Grace and Peace,

See You Thursday or Sunday!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles