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On Security and Donuts...

Security is very important, We are entrusted with over 300 precious kids every weekend, and it’s our duty to make sure they are cared for and protected while they are with us. We need to know who we have in class each week, and we need to make sure adults are not wandering the Kids Branch halls during services.

And maintaining classes that are fun and welcoming, but also intentional and focused on our Jesus curriculum is also very important, and can be challenging. So we are making two new changes to Kids Branch beginning Sunday, September 11. To minimize distractions and for security reasons, Welcome Stations will be closed to members of The Branch fifteen minutes after the beginning of each service. Name Tags will not be printed fifteen minutes after service begins. If your family arrives more than fifteen minutes after service has begun, we happily invite you to take your children to worship. We ask that you arrive earlier next week, so your kids can enjoy Kids Branch

Now, a word about donuts. Kids love donuts. Let’s face it, we all do. The Branch provides donuts every Sunday morning to give families a chance to meet and mingle prior to attending worship. Often, those donuts find their way into Kids Branch, which can cause distractions and problems. Not all kids have donuts, the donuts are messy...the presence of smiling kids with two fists full of donuts can lead to a myriad of challenges for our teachers.

So, beginning September 11, donuts are not allowed in Kids Branch. We ask parents to please take advantage of the donuts we have available each week. As to not cause a distraction, please have your kids finish their donuts prior to entering Kids Branch.

Thanks for helping make Kids Branch a safe -- great experience -- for all kids!

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles