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Open The Door To Life-Change

January 14, 2016

This past weekend we kicked off “Morph.” If you missed the message, please check it out before this weekend, and don’t miss the testimony at the end. I’m excited about the next step in our journey this coming weekend, and there will be another testimony to share with you. And, by all means, this is an ideal time to invite someone to come with you to The Branch. Pray and invite. A simple invitation could open the door to changing someone’s life.

Several of you have already done this for this week, but one way you can help expand the reach of this series is by sharing the video of the messages, or even the daily devotionals. The video of the weekend messages and daily devotionals are presented in such a way that they can be shared via different social networks. If there’s a particular message or devo that touches you, or that you think could speak to someone in particular in your life, please pass it on.
Grace and peace,

See You This Weekend



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles