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Pain Makes Theologians Of Us All

Upon winning an Emmy, Jack Benny said, “I really don’t deserve this. But then again, I have arthritis, and I don’t deserve that either.”

Sooner or later, we’re going to cross paths with pain and suffering in our lives and the lives of those we love. This coming weekend, our “Explore God” series brings us to one of the most common questions we encounter in our world and, perhaps, even in our own hearts: “Why does God allow pain and suffering?”

This could be a pivotal weekend for someone you’ve been engaging spiritually. This issue hits close to home in the lives of so many. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring someone you know to The Branch this weekend.
Pain has a way of making theologians out of our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Bring them this weekend.

There’s a place for asking “Why?”

And there’s a place for knowing “Who” to bring our suffering to.

Grace and Peace,
See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles