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10:45 am (Contemporary)

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Vista Ridge Campus

3601 Huffines Blvd.
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Thursday  Sunday
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"Presidents And Kings" by Chris Seidman

Greetings this first day of November! Our “Say What!?” series continues this weekend with another of Jesus’ sayings that intersects with this election season. What Jesus said was quite disturbing in His day to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. And yet, ultimately, it’s life-giving. Come this weekend and bring a friend to hear more about it! We’ll also be praying as a church in regard to the elections next week.

And speaking of giving to God what is God’s, this coming weekend is also a “1st and 10” weekend as we learn to honor God in our relationship with money and material possessions. Whether we give online or in our services, we do so recognizing God as our provider and the priority of His purposes on earth.

Check out this video to see what First and Ten is all about!


Perhaps you’ve seen posts on social media about this Sunday being designated as Orphan Sunday in many churches across America. There will be some informational pieces in our bulletin this weekend, but I’ll be touching on this more the following weekend when we consider the next teaching of Jesus in our “Say What!?” series.

Finally, don’t forget we have Branch orientations on both campuses the next two weekends – at the Farmers Branch Campus this coming Sunday at 10:45 am, and at the Vista Ridge Campus on Sunday, November 11, at 10:45 am.

Grace and Peace,

Chris Seidman

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles