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August 3, 2016

This last week while I was on the road, I wound up in a conversation with someone who didn’t profess to be a believer in Christ. We were together for a few hours, and in the course of the conversation he asked me if anything Jesus taught really made a practical difference in the world. He was very serious. To him, Jesus’ teachings were just ideas or concepts.

As I talked with him some more, I realized he knew several “Christ-professors,” but not many Christ-followers. It occurred to me later that if Jesus’ teachings are known but not lived-out, they’ll be nothing more than ideas or concepts. The difference is found and made, not through the knowing, but through the doing. He just hadn’t seen many “doers” in his lifetime and thus had seen little evidence of the practical difference Jesus’ teachings can make in our world.

I’m excited to be back with you this coming weekend as we embark on a short series concerning race relations in our country and our role as followers of Jesus. The difference will be made in the doing and not just the knowing. Come with an open, hungry heart and friends in tow.

Thanks to Tim Ketchersid and Ryan Rainey for running the anchor leg of our “Joy” series this past weekend on both campuses! If you missed this last weekend in our series in Philippians, join me by listening online or though the app.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles