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Remind Teens of God’s Grace: A Branch Student Ministry Blog Excerpt

**The following is an excerpt from a periodical the Branch Student Ministry (bsm) publishes it's blogs from, The Parent Link. The Parent Link is a publication dedicated to providing student ministries with articles available for publishing whose themes center on a combination of parenting, teenagers, and Biblical principles.

Easter is a perfect time to focus on the gift of God’s grace. One often-heard definition of GRACE is “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” The good news of the gospel is that though we’ve all fallen short of God’s expectations, we’re made righteous, or pure, by Jesus’ death and resurrection (Romans 3:23-24). Because Jesus took our place on the cross, we have forgiveness and new life. That’s what makes grace so amazing.

Young people often feel overwhelmed by and unloved because of their shortcomings. Even mature Christians struggle with understanding and accepting God’s grace because we’re surrounded by anti-grace messages from the time we’re young. “Do this to earn that. Play fair and you’ll get your reward. You got what you had coming to you.” And so on.

Steep your kids in the radical idea of grace. Talk about how God’s abundant love for us is never based on what we do. Instead, it’s always an undeserved, free gift, based on what Jesus did on the cross. We’ll always fall short. We’ll never be good enough. But God sent Jesus to die for us once and for all so we can live in God’s amazing love and grace. We don’t ever have to try to earn our salvation. God’s grace doesn’t make any sense when we’re playing by the normal, everyday rules of “you get what you deserve.” None of us deserves God’s grace, but all of us can be recipients of it. Thank God!

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles