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Rescue Operations and Clubhouses

Fourteen years ago tomorrow. Do you remember it? In the midst of a national tragedy, we were reminded of some timeless lessons from Scripture. Do you remember any? They’re still true today. We don’t have to wait for a tragedy to be prompted to apologize, to reconcile, to take Jesus seriously, or to realize that people are more important than things. Let’s live wisely. Today.

And now a parable . . . .

There is a story about a community of people who lived on a stretch of dangerous coastline where shipwrecks often occurred. Eventually, some of the townspeople decided to put some time and effort and money into a rescue operation. A small life-saving station was built, and the devoted members of the rescue team kept an ongoing watch over the sea, ready to use their little boat to search for shipwreck survivors. As the result of this volunteer operation, the town became famous because of the many lives that were saved.

More and more people joined and became part of the team. Soon a new building was erected. It was much larger than the first little building, and it was beautifully furnished and decorated. As more and more amenities were added for the members' pleasure and comfort, the new building was slowly transformed into a kind of clubhouse. As a result, some of the members began to lose interest in rescue operations.

But then a shipwreck occurred and many survivors were rescued and brought into the rescue station for first aid. During the operation, which lasted for several days, the frenzied activity marred the attractive building with such things as bloodstains on the lush carpeting. At the next meeting, there was a split in the membership. Most members felt that the life-saving operation was a hindrance to the social life of the organization. Those who disagreed were told that they could build another little station further down the coast.

As the years went by, history continued to repeat itself. It’s said that today the coastline has a number of exclusive clubhouses dotting the shore - but no one in the area seems to be concerned with rescue operations.

It’s difficult to keep our purpose in mind as followers of Jesus and as a church. We tend to drift. This coming weekend, we launch a new series “Explore God” which could be conceived of as a “rescue operation.” We all have people in our lives that need to awaken to the reality of Jesus and His relevance to our lives. And it could very well be that some of us will be rescued in this series.

Join me in inviting someone to come with you to The Branch this weekend for the kick-off of “Explore God.” I believe you’ll be glad you did.

Grace and Peace,
See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles