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Resources for Parents

As Chris Seidman mentioned in his message this weekend, we want to empower parents to be intentional about capitalizing on moments in everyday life to talk with their kids about God, and lead them into a life of faith in Jesus.  Here are several awesome tools you can use:

Download the Parent Cue App. The movies, encouragement, and discussion starters on the Parent Cue app align with the lessons our kids go through every weekend in Kids Branch, allowing you as parents to continue the conversation all week long. You can also receive a daily push notification that reminds you to use the Parent Cue and connect with your kids.

Spend time on the OrangeParents Blog.  OrangeParents blog is an invaluable resource, connecting families to a wider community of parents and leaders, in order to expand your ideas, skills, and influence as a parent.

Turn on   Use the code on this membership card to activate an entire world of online games and activities for your kids, all aligned with the Bible lessons they are learning in Kids Branch.  It's fun, it's free, and it's pointing your kids toward the great big God who loves them!

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles