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Scaling A Wall

This coming weekend in our Morph series, we’re going to explore how to scale a wall, because we all run into them in our journey of transformation. Don’t miss it! And you’re in for another powerful testimony as well!

Dr. Robert McKee is a man that few people in America know, but most everyone has been affected by his work over the last few decades. He is considered to be the world’s foremost authority on writing stories. Altogether, his students have won 36 Academy Awards, 164 Emmys, and many, many Grammys. It’s not that McKee invented the formula for a good story. But he did identify and articulate it.

He says that every story has four basic elements.

1) A Character

2) Who Wants Something

3) And Overcomes Conflict/Resistance/Challenge

4) To Get It

It could be said that this is the story of God’s relationship with us. We all put up a good fight every now and then when it comes to Him. I’m so thankful He doesn’t stop pursuing us!

It could also be said that this outline is the story of our own transformational journey.

Your story’s not finished.

Press on.

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles