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School is in session beginning this weekend at The Branch.

November 4, 2015

School is in session beginning this weekend at The Branch. We’re going to “gratitude school.”  I’m excited to kick off our new series, “Thanks, I Needed THAT!” Thanksgiving is more than a day on a calendar.  It’s a way of life and it must be learned. It doesn’t come naturally.  As we lean into learning gratitude as a way of life, it can make a phenomenal difference in our lives, and open doors for God to be seen through our lives in new ways.  This would be an ideal series for someone who is new to The Branch to experience, so bring a guest! It’ll be rooted in Scripture and quite practical.  Bring something to write with and write on this weekend!

Speaking of gratitude, I’m filled with it for the privilege of witnessing nine people baptized last weekend at the VR Campus as we wrapped up our “Explore God” series.  I know of a few who are planning on experiencing the wonder of baptism this coming weekend at the FB Campus.  If you want to join others at the FB Campus in doing so, please contact Tim Ketchersid. If you want to do it this weekend at the VR Campus, contact Ryan Rainey.

Finally, if you didn’t get to watch the short video teaching on baptism I emailed out last week, here it is again.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles