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Shame Off You!

You’ve heard it said, “Shame on you!”

But I say, “Shame off you!”

This week, we launch a series that I believe has the capacity to relate to almost every single person you know – including yourself.  “Beyond All Shame” is going to explore the powerful leverage shame has in all of our lives.  When shame is not processed appropriately in light of Jesus, the cross, and the gospel, it can sabotage things in our lives such as our decision-making, relationships, jobs, and witness for Christ.  We’ll talk about how to process the experience of shame so that we can move beyond all shame.

Would you do what you can to promote this series across your networks and sphere of influence? This series could be a great doorway to a new beginning for someone you know!

Don’t miss the first message of the series, “Shame 101.” (I’ll share it for the first time at our Thursday night service at the VR Campus at 6:45 pm. Dinner served until 6:35 pm – Dallas Tamale Café in the house!) 

Whether it’s Thursday night or Sunday morning, come with friends in tow.  Let’s move beyond all shame. Together.

Grace and Peace,

See You Soon!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles