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Shrek, Winemaking, Weddings, Jesus Going "Indiana Jones" In The Temple (of doom) - Ha!

Last weekend in my message, I showed you this picture.  

They call him Shrek. He’s a sheep that had no shepherd for more than six years. This is what a sheep without a shepherd looks like. When a shepherd was finally able to help him, more than 60 pounds of wool was removed. Shrek was so much lighter.

We’re all in need of a shepherd. In John 10, Jesus referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd. And in that same chapter, He spoke of coming to bring life “to the full.” Without Jesus, we wind up carrying so much more weight than we were intended to – the weight of self-imposed burdens, destructive patterns, debilitating guilt, and regret.

When we have Jesus as a shepherd, this means we also have a flock that we are a part of. Following Jesus is not something done in isolation, nor will it lead to isolation.

As our year is getting underway, I want to encourage you to make it a priority to be “with the flock” in our weekly worship gatherings. Even Jesus went to the synagogue weekly “as was his custom” (Luke 4:16). There was something important and helpful about gathering with others for praise, prayer, and time together before the Word (yes, they had Scripture then as well). If Jesus had such a rhythm and we are His followers, then let’s follow Him in this rhythm.

When it comes to our weekly worship gatherings, we have two campuses and multiple services on Sunday mornings, as well as an option before the weekend: Thursday nights at 6:45 at the VR Campus. These options afford us the opportunity to get into a rhythm for this year. Let’s do it.

Shepherds tell us that sheep don’t wander off instantly. They nibble their way into the far country little by little. Our weekly gatherings help us to regularly lift our heads up and pay attention to where we are in proximity to the Good Shepherd, as well as where He’s desiring to lead us.

I hope your journey through the Life in the Son journal is blessing you this week! I’ll be reflecting on some lessons from John 2 this coming weekend. We’ll be talking about Jesus as a winemaker and about weddings, and we’ll also touch on Him going all “Indiana Jones” in the “temple of doom.” Whew!

If you have yet to get a Life in the Son book, you can pick one up this weekend in our lobbies, or download the PDF of it here.

It’s not too late to invite someone to join us for this series! Continue to share the promo video found on the above link. See you this weekend!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles