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Spoiler Alert!

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who was talking about a recently released movie you had yet to see? Or perhaps they were talking about a sports event they knew the outcome of, but you didn’t? Every now and then someone will use the words “spoiler alert” when talking about the plot of the movie or the outcome of a game as a way of letting you know they are about to let you in on the resolution of the drama or the final score. Believe it or not, some studies reveal that people prefer “spoiler alerts” before watching a suspenseful movie or sports event. It actually increases their enjoyment and minimizes the tension when viewing the movie or game, because they know how it ends.

Our “In Christ” series this weekend is one big cosmic “spoiler alert.” It’ll make a difference in how we weather the drama and the ups and downs of life. Read Ephesians 1:9-10. This particular passage is mind-blowing but life-giving. Bring someone with you, and let’s plant a seed together!

I just received an email from a grateful family. They were sharing their hearts about those who serve as “special buddies” in Kids Branch for children who face unique challenges in life. So many of you are serving behind the scenes to bless others at The Branch and beyond. Thank you!

Finally, don’t forget that our elder recommendations are due this weekend. Recommendations can be turned in online as well.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend,



News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles