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Sutherland Springs, Church Security, And This Weekend


No doubt all of us have been thinking and praying in regard to the latest tragic mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same for so many there. May God’s gracious presence and peace be made known there amidst such profound grief at this time.

As you might imagine, we’ve had our share of questions this week regarding our own security at The Branch. While we’ve not talked about it much publicly, our event services teams that work on both campuses perform a critical role for us. There has been a measure of training and equipping of key volunteers on these teams in the past. There is also more planned. There is no shortage of dialogue and resourcing among churches, law enforcement, and security personnel in this age in which we live. Should you have an interest in serving on one of these teams or further questions, please contact David Teutsch at  

The answers in regard to church security are not easy. Matters of liability, licensing, and legislation are all involved. We are committed to trusting God, maintaining a gracious, non-anxious presence, and seeking and following practical counsel and wisdom from qualified individuals and organizations.


I’m not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m talking about the next step in our journey as a church! Our journey through Joshua brings us to Joshua 24. We’ll also take a moment in our services Thursday and Sunday and ask for your commitment cards for Beyond Me. This is a huge piece in our journey. We’ll have them available on our campuses this weekend if you cannot locate yours.

If you prefer to do your card online, you may do so here, or through The Branch App.

To learn more about Beyond Me, you can read here.

Please don’t hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions at this time.

See You Thursday or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles