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The Avengers And Revelation, Sack Summer Hunger, and GO!

Every now and then I’m asked questions like, “What are we doing as a church in the community? How are we making a difference?” Here are two golden opportunities to dive into!


It’s difficult for some to believe, but there are many families living at or even below the “poverty line” around our campuses. This has implications for so many children, particularly when school’s out. Many families that struggle to make ends meet can count on their children being nourished for breakfast/lunch at their schools during the school year. When summer comes around, this option is gone.

This is where Sack Summer Hunger comes in. Every Saturday this summer at 9:30 a.m. on both campuses, folks will be coming together to put together food to feed families for a week, and then delivering the items.


Also, this weekend we’ll have tables in the lobbies of both campuses for people to sign up for GO projects on June 16-17.


We have three weekends left in our journey through Revelation. We’ll be touring Revelation 15-18. As always, you’ll get more out of the message if you come having read the passage in advance. Also, the Hulk and Loki from “The Avengers” franchise will make a guest appearance -- as if Revelation wasn’t interesting enough!

Grace and Peace,

See You Thursday or Sunday!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles