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The Headlines Today, Why "The Calling" Matters Right Now, Baptism On Wheels

Two decades ago, sixteen-year-old Larissa Boyce attempted to report Dr. Larry Nassar’s abusive behavior, only to be shut down by an unsympathetic coach. Then she suppressed the memories for nearly 20 years until she spoke up again. This time, Dr. Larry Nassar and the travesty of his abuse of gymnasts, including young Olympic athletes, has been front-page news.

Why did she speak up after 20 years of silence?  There are a number of reasons, one of them being Esther. That’s right, Queen Esther, whose story we just walked through in “The Calling” series.  You can read more of Larissa’s story here.  

Scripture tells the stories of people’s faithfulness to their calling; those stories still make a difference today. And your faithfulness when God calls you will make a difference for others!

“The Calling” continues this weekend as we’ll consider the calling of Jeremiah in Jeremiah chapter 1. Don’t miss this! It’ll make a difference for you and help make a difference through you for others!

While the remodel of the VR worship center continues, we are setting up a portable baptistry on the first Sunday of every month in our lobby. That means this Sunday, March 4, it’ll be in action at the VR Campus! If you have any questions concerning baptism, please contact Ryan Rainey.  If you desire to be baptized, please click here and help us prepare to honor this significant moment in your walk with the Lord.

If you attend the FB Campus and would like to be baptized, please contact Tim Ketchersid.

See You Thursday Night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles