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The Importance of a Dad

We put on the Princess Ball every year because it’s fun, and our girls have a blast dancing with their friends. But we also do it to give dads the chance to model for their daughters the type of respectful behavior they should always expect from boys as they grow. The father/daughter relationship is such a critical one in the lives of little girls.

Psychologist Joy Carroll, Ed. D. compiled this list of the top ten reasons daughters need a close relationship with their fathers:

-- Women tend to make relationship choices based on the quality of their fathers' interactions, affection and affirmations. Those without nurturing fathers tend to make relationship choices based on unresolved father issues.

-- Research evidence shows that a father's relationship to his daughter is one of the key factors in a women's ability to enjoy a successful life and marriage. Involved fathers promote academic success and psychological health.

-- Daughters who have fair or poor relationships with their fathers are at greater risk for substance abuse, promiscuity, and out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

-- When women have loving, trusting relationships with their fathers they are more likely to respond in assertive ways and avoid aggressive or passive-aggressive reactions when dealing with life's challenges and relationships.

-- Fathers who model appropriate ways to resolve conflict without control and violence reduce the risk of their daughters choosing controlling, abusive mates. Modeling of appropriate conflict styles and promotion of self-confidence increases the likelihood that daughters will maintain appropriate boundaries in relationships and be intolerance of abuse.

-- A father who treats the mother of his daughter with honor and respect sets the pace and demonstrates how his daughter is to be treated by men.

-- Women with physically or emotionally absent fathers feel a tremendous loss and often try to fill the emotional hole. The "Daddy substitutes" are sometimes serial sexual encounters, toxic relationships, substance abuse, eating disorders or other unhealthy behaviors.

-- Fathers play a role in shaping their daughter's spirituality and view of God. Women tend to assign to their heavenly Father the same attributes they see in their earthly father. It is important that the nature of the father-daughter relationship reflect unconditional love, grace and forgiveness so that she has a frame of reference for understanding how God's love works.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles