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The One Who Does The Heavy Lifting

The Branch Church

August 29, 2018

This past Monday, many of us were reminded of how prevalent the struggle with depression is today as news broke that the pastor of a large church in southern California had taken his life. He had been waging a battle with a depressive disorder over the last year. No one is exempt from the possibility of encountering this.


My hope and prayer is that this short series on depression has been helpful on some level for those of us who are dealing with it or who are attempting to help others who are facing it right now. 


We’ll wrap up the series this weekend by exploring one more kind of depression. Last weekend, we explored how it looks when depression is environmentally or biochemically rooted. This coming weekend, we’ll explore how it looks when depression is spiritually rooted. Come with friends in tow! 


There is hope and a way forward!


If you’re traveling for Labor Day weekend, don’t forget our first service of the weekend on Thursday night at 6:45 (VR Campus)!  


Don’t forget our next new member orientations at The Branch are September 9th on both campuses.


See You Thursday or Sunday!


Grace and Peace,



Chris Seidman
Senior Minister


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News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles