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The Power's Out But Not; A Time-Lapse Video Of The Redo

Last Sunday during the early service at our VR Campus, the power went out. It was the result of a blown transformer in our area that impacted a lot of homes and businesses all day. Then again, the Power wasn’t out. Worship continued in the dark, and the campus witnessed the baptisms of five precious people.

While there’s always much for us to learn logistically when unexpected things happen, it was a great reminder that we can still worship, the gospel can be preached, and God can be experienced regardless of the circumstances around us.

This coming weekend, we’ll wrap up our “Wide-Awake” series pondering one last reality of life which Jesus spoke of: “Life is hard.”  That may not sound fitting for Mother’s Day weekend (and we will take a few moments to honor our moms among us), but then again, I think most every mom knows this reality to be true. There’s a greater reality that makes all the difference in the world with how we navigate life when life is hard. I’m excited about the message this weekend and I hope you’ll have friends and family in tow!

Speaking of this weekend, if all goes as planned we’ll finally be in our newly remodeled sanctuary at the Vista Ridge Campus for Mother’s Day. Check out the 360 time-lapse video of the remodel here

Thanks for your patience and flexibility over these last few months. I’ll have an update soon regarding where we are in the process of constructing a new facility for children’s ministry.

Finally, I was reminded last week of what a blessing Eddy Ketchersid and his team are among us as the 27th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast was held. For 27 years now, Eddy has been bringing churches, local government leaders, and cities together in the name of Jesus. This is one of a hundred reasons why so many of us want to be like Bro. Eddy when we grow up.

See You Thursday Night or Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles