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The Story for Children -- Week Eight

The Story of Little Ones

Chapter Eight, "A Strong Man," tells the story of Samson, one of the Judge's of Israel, and a man of incredible strength. God had given Samson his strength to help him lead and protect the people of Israel. God was with Samson! But Samson made a terrible mistake: he began to care more about his friend Delilah that he did about God. This mistake had huge consequences, not just for Samson, but for the people of Israel he was supposed to be leading and protecting.

Talk with your kids about the importance of listening to and obeying the right people: God, and you! On page 40, we read "Samson stopped listening to God and started listening to Delilah instead." Give your kids examples of the consequences of choosing to listen to other voices, other than God's, and yours as parents. Reinforce to them that no one loves them more than God and you, and that His rules and direction are to help them, and so that they can help others. Make a list this week with them of the voices in their young lives that say things contrary to God, and help them be able to recognize and avoid those voices. As a family, believe that God is with you, and wants to bless you, and bless others through you. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!

The Story for Children

Once in the Promised Land, the Israelites fell into a familiar pattern: they would follow God for a time, then turn away to idol worship and bad behavior, only to be brought back by a leader the Lord raised up for their redemption. One of these leaders -- called Judges -- was Samson. Samson is an example of the incredible power of God working in the life of an ordinary person: Samson was the strongest man alive, and through him God accomplished extraordinary feats! But Sampson had a problem: he did not choose his friends wisely.

Samson spent a lot of time with Delilah, even though it was apparent Delilah did not have Samson's best interests at heart. Instead of staying true to the God who had blessed him and made him a leader of the Israelites, Samson decided to please Delilah. And that decision had terrible consequences. Talk with your kids about the importance of choosing good friends.  Friends who will help them make good choices, stay out of trouble, and walk more closely with God. Tell them about friends you've had who have led you down wrong paths, and the consequences you faced; and tell them about good friends you've had, who have been indispensable in your journey of faith.

After betraying himself and the life God had given him, Samson found himself alone, rotting away in a Philistine prison, blind. But God was still with Samson. As Samson asked "one last time," God's strength filled his arms, and Samson brought judgement on the Philistines. God can work through us, even at our lowest point. Talk with your kids about never giving up, because even when they are at their most frustrated, or most hopeless, or most alone, God can still do mighty things in them and through them. May God's power shine through your family this week!

Have a great week!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles