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The Story for Children -- Week Four

The Story for Little Ones

Chapter Four, "God Protects Moses," is a great opportunity to show your little ones how God is always with them, watching over them, and protecting them. God was watching over baby Moses, and kept him safe when he was in the river. God was watching over His people, and did not let Pharaoh keep them in slavery, but brought them out of sadness into a new life. Tell your preschoolers that you will always watch over and protect them, and so will God. God loves us like a father loves his children. Use the story of Moses and the exodus from Israel as a time to reinforce to your preschoolers that between you and the Lord, they have nothing to be afraid of.

The Story for Children

Chapter Four, "Out of Egypt," tells the story of God using Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. Wow, is this a rich story! And a great opportunity for you to talk with your kids about relying -- and waiting -- on God.

It's amazing to think about how much time has passed since God's promise to Abraham. God told Abraham that his descendants would be a mighty nation, and through them the entire world would be blessed. Well, over 400 years later, the descendants of Abraham are in cruel bondage, enslaved in Egypt, and are waiting for this promise to be fulfilled. I bet they felt overlooked and forgotten.

And it's amazing to think about the crazy life of Moses. Moses went from being left in a basket in the river, to being the privileged Prince of Egypt, to self-banishment in the desert, living the lonely life of a nomadic shepherd. I bet Moses felt overlooked and forgotten!

But God came to the rescue of His people. By His powerful hand, he led the Nation of Israel out of bondage, and into a new life. Talk with your kids about the times you've felt overlooked or forgotten. As I talk with kids, this is a constant theme for most of them: seasons in their young life where they feel they don't fit in, or feel out of step, or feel left out of a group. Tell them about the times when God has felt far away from you. Then tell them how you felt the Lord come to your rescue, and bring you into a new season of life with Him.

Another thing that stands out to me about this story from Exodus: After witnessing all the miracles that God did in the plagues He sent upon the Egyptians, and the mighty power He displayed on their behalf, the Israelites panic the minute they get into the desert! They see the Egyptian army coming up behind them, and they forget all that God had done for them! They focused on their circumstance, and their ability to get themselves out of it, rather than on the mighty power of God! I find myself doing this very same thing all too often. When trouble comes, I focus on my circumstance and my feeble ability to deal with it, and I panic, instead of being confident of the power of God to see me through it. Talk with your kids about how you remember what God has done for you. Give them examples of how you focus on Him and His power, rather than your circumstances.

One of my favorite verses in the Old Testament is Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still." The Story translated this verse to "The Lord will fight for you! Be calm and watch what God will do." This week, make time for you and your family to turn everything off, and sit together in silence. Listen for the Lord in the silence. Look for Him in the stillness. Share together what God reveals during this time.

Reinforce to your kids this week that the mighty God who created the world is on their side. He knows their names, knows all that they are going through, and is working to bring to life all they were made for, and are capable of.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles