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The Story for Children -- Week Two

I hope your family was blessed last week by spending time together in The Story. It is so important in the development of your children's faith in Jesus that they see you making God's Word a priority. This week, The Story focuses on the life of Abraham, and how he trusted God in all things.

When Ellie was very young, I began making it a habit to tell her regularly: "I will always tell you the truth, and I will always tell you what is best for you." I wanted her to learn from the youngest age that she could trust me in all things, and that my direction or correction or advice would always come from a deep desire for her to be blessed, and succeed. As she begins her teenage years, my hope is that she will believe me and trust me when I tell her the difficult things she may not want to hear, because she knows my desire is for her to be all that God made her to be. And I hope this trust in her earthly father will extend to a trust in her heavenly father. I hope she has a deep trust in the God who made her, and loves her, and wants what is best for her.

The Story for Little Ones

Chapter Two, "Abraham Follows God," tells three stories from the life of Abraham about the power of trusting God. Every step of the way, Abraham trusted that what God said was true, and that God would help him in every situation. Talk with your child about the many ways they can trust you, and how you will help them no matter what. Tell them the same applies to the big God who made them, and loves them. Use these stories from Abraham to plant those seeds in your kids: that they can trust you, and trust God, in all things.

The Story for Children

God asked Abraham to trust him in ways that Abraham at first did not understand: Why did God want him to move? Why would God ask him to kill the son, who he had waited so many years for? Often, we don't see what God is doing in our lives, and we try to figure it out for ourselves, rather than simply walking in trust and obedience. Talk with your kids about times you've fought through your own doubts to walk in trust and obedience with God.

And while Abraham trusted God, he had to wait. The biggest promise God made to Abraham wasn't fulfilled until years after Abraham died! Sometimes our faith in God is shaken when things in our lives don't happen to our own quick time table. Talk with your child about times you've had to wait on the Lord, and how the Lord rewarded you for it.

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles