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The Story for Kids -- Week One

hope you have picked up copies of The Story for your kids: The Story of Little Ones for preschool ages, and The Story for Children for elementary ages.  I cannot encourage you strongly enough to make it a habit as a family to spend time together reading and studying the bible, and for you as parents to intentionally and deliberately teach your kids about the big God who loves them, and sent Jesus to save them.  The Story is a perfect opportunity to have these conversations on a weekly basis!

The Story for Little Ones

This week, as you read chapter one with your preschooler, emphasize to them that God made everything, including you and me!

- As your child discovers the great big world around them, don't miss an opportunity to give credit to God for His amazing creation, and show your child how incredible God is.  God made everything, with just His words!

- Plant the truth deep in your child's heart that they were made by the same great, big God who made the world, and this great, big God loves them so much!  God made them, knows them, and loves them; and always will, no matter what.  (Just like you!)

The Story for Children

In Chapter One of The Story for Children, trace the line of God's love for His creation, and man's struggle to obey Him.

- In the first section, "The Creation," call attention to the many ways we enjoy God's creation: the sights, the smells, the textures, the depth and richness.  Everything God made is good!

- In the section, "God's Children Make a Choice," point out that it was Adam and Eve's decision to disobey God that brought sin into the world.  But even though Adam and Eve disobeyed and faced consequences, God still love them.  "I will always love you," God says to them. Talk with your kids about the consequences of sin, and bad choices; emphasize that one of those consequences is not outrunning the love of God!  (Or your love.)

-In the section, "One Good Man Deserves a Fresh Start," compare the choice of Adam and Eve to the choice of Noah.  We studied the story of Noah two Sundays agon in Uptown, and learned that Noah had determination to do what was right, even if he was the only one.  The Story reads "Noah believed God, and obeyed Him."  The NIV reads in Genesis 6:22, "Noah did everything just as God commanded him."  Talk with your kids about your personal decisions to believe in God, and to obey Him, and how this has impacted your life.  Share with them times you've stood alone, determined to obey God, even if you were the only one.

I am praying for all families at The Branch who are spending time in The Story!  May you grow closer together, and closer to God!

Tim Scott

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles