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The Whirlwind Tour Continues

August 14, 2014

"The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" continues this weekend! Over the course of a couple of weekends, I'm attempting to tell the story of how the body of Christ evolved into so many denominations over the last 2000 years. Yes, I feel like I'm attempting to transport a whale on top of a mini-Cooper (the car, not my son).

I took you on a whirlwind tour this past weekend of the first thousand years, all the way up to 1054 A.D. If you missed this first part, I hope you take some time and watch/listen online.

We'll do "the second thousand years" this coming weekend. I hope to help us connect some dots in regard to the past, as well as glean some wisdom for us moving forward as followers of Jesus in the 21st century. The message this coming weekend will probably provide no shortage of conversation pieces around the lunch and dinner table. Who knows? It could actually be a door the Lord opens for you to begin a meaningful conversation about Jesus to develop with someone you bring this weekend!

Remember what I left you with last weekend. The role of the church is to be Jesus to people, and to call people to Jesus. By the grace of God and the empowerment of His Spirit, let's do it!

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles