Farmers Branch Campus

3035 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75234

9:00 am (Traditional)
10:45 am (Contemporary)

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Vista Ridge Campus

3601 Huffines Blvd.
Carrollton, TX 75010

Thursday  Sunday
6:45 pm    9:15 am
   11:00 am

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Third Campus Launch

Third Campus Launch

Towards the end of 2014, we announced our intention to launch a third campus of The Branch Church in the near future. We anticipate it being 20-25 minutes northeast of the Vista Ridge Campus – putting it potentially somewhere in the East Frisco/West Allen/West McKinney area. If you live in this vicinity, we want to encourage you to pray about being a part of this opportunity.  We are looking for 250 people (adults and children) to be a part of this launch.

What follows below are a few excerpts from a message Chris delivered on November 30, 2014 to refresh you as to the “why” of our multi-site approach.  The full message is available to watch/listen online, as well as the manuscript.

We have one job as a church. And that’s to help people become disciples of Jesus Christ.  All four of the gospels conclude with the resurrected Jesus calling His followers to the responsibility of telling others about Him and helping others follow Him.  Our one job is to help people become and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  He doesn’t call us to plant churches or build churches - He calls us to tell others about Him and help others follow Him. The multi-site approach of The Branch Church is a strategic effort to enable more of us to help people in our communities become disciples of Jesus.

So what do these things have to do with us using a multi-site approach as a church?  We have chosen this as a strategy for three reasons.

  • To reach more people with the message of Jesus.
  • To help more people grow as disciples of Jesus.
  • To release more people into servant leadership for Jesus.

In short, this is about more people, more disciples, and more leaders.  We have chosen this route as a way of helping a greater percentage of us to help others become disciples where we are.  This isn’t about “expanding the church” or “franchising” it or expanding its brand, it’s about helping people to become disciples.

When it comes to disciple-making, our multi-site approach...

  • Acknowledges the power of proximity when it comes to inviting people where we live to join us for our weekend worship gatherings.
  • Acknowledges the power of proximity when it comes to helping people develop relationships with other Christ-followers.
  • Enables us to have the intimacy of a smaller church coupled with the resources of a larger church.
  • Requires us to develop a culture of raising up and releasing people into ministry.
     (And that’s a good thing according to Ephesians 4:11-13)

As with anything in regard to the future, we proceed in light of the wisdom of James 4:13-17, when it comes to making plans and announcing intentions.  God is sovereign, and we are surrendered.

11/30/14 - The Bridge from The Branch Church on Vimeo.

Third Campus LaunchThird Campus Launch