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This week in Kids Branch -- Daniel and the Lions

Daniel in the Lions’ Den.  A story that is always a favorite with the kids, and one we are all very familiar with: Daniel is faithful to God, and has a position of authority in King Darius’ administration; jealousy leads to a sinister plan to kill Daniel; Daniel refuses to pray to anyone except the One True God; God protects Daniel, closing the mouths of hungry lions.  This story is such a target-rich environment for you and your kids, a great opportunity to teach them about choosing to follow God in all circumstances, and how God is always with us.  

Read Daniel 6.  Point out to your kids that Daniel was a powerful player in the kingdom of Darius.  God had blessed Daniel greatly, and increased his sphere of influence.  Daniel was someone that people noticed, so when he stood up for God, he became a testimony that MANY people would see.  And even though Daniel had achieved great success, nothing was more important to him than remaining faithful to the One True God who made it possible.  

Key Verse: “We must obey God, rather than men.”  Acts 5:29

Discuss with your kids a time you had to make a choice . . . a choice to obey God rather than men.  What did you choose?  What were the consequences?  Share yourself with them -- your good choices and your bad.  Ask them about a choice they had to make. How did they feel about it?  What would they do differently?  Talk to them about how important it is to make good choices, and how making good choices can lead to you being a powerful testimony to others.  Share a time that you were influenced by someone who you witnessed standing up for God, and the impact that example had on your faith.

Pray for your kids. That they make good choices every day, and that the chose to obey God in all things.  Pray they will be strong in the Lord, and will live as shining examples of Jesus.  

Pray for your kids’ friends: If your kid plays organized sports, quietly pray for his/her teammates by name as you watch them on the baseball/soccer field or basketball/volleyball court.  Lift them up to God, that they would be blessed and loved, and that they would know Jesus.  It’s amazing what happens when we pray for others.

And invite your friends to The Branch.   


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles