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This Weekend And July At The Branch

This coming weekend, we wrap up “Bitter To Better” and our journey through the book of Ruth.  I’m looking forward to unpacking this final message, “The Rest of the Story,” and suggesting some of its implications for our lives.  Read the last half of Ruth 4, and come with a hungry heart and a friend in tow!

And now a few things to note . . . .

As I write this, our middle school and high school students are returning from a week at Branch Camp. Thanks to our extraordinary Next Generation family ministry team and so many of you who volunteered to make this week possible for our students!

Don’t forget that we’re having a potluck meal this Saturday night following our Saturday night service. Bring something “to the table” for others to share – be it a dessert, salad, or an entrée of some kind – and let’s enjoy the grace of sharing a meal together.

This coming July, I’ll be taking a break from preaching on the weekends at The Branch. On some of these weekends, you might just find me sitting beside you. Ha! I’m thrilled that we’ll be led through the book of Philippians in a series called “Joy,” and that you’ll have an opportunity to hear the Word through the hearts of a few different people from among our staff and those we support on the mission field.  If you’re new to The Branch, you should know that I have the privilege of working alongside many “treasures” here at The Branch. I’m so glad that you will get a glimpse of what I have the privilege of seeing on a daily basis. 

See You This Weekend!

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles