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News & Featured Articles

Treasure In Our Own House

Stan Caffy and his bride-to-be cleaned out their respective garages and gave everything to Goodwill as they prepared to move into their newlywed home. Among the items they donated were clothes, bicycles, tools, computer parts, and a tattered copy of the Declaration of Independence that had been hanging in Stan's garage for more than a decade.

That particular version of the Declaration of Independence was a rare copy made in 1823. A man named Michael Sparks spotted it, and he purchased the document for $2.48. Sparks later auctioned it for $477,650.

Not a bad profit.

Stan Caffy had no idea that he had a treasure in his own house.

The last few weekends, we’ve had an opportunity to see and hear from some real treasures in our church. They’re right underneath our noses. I’ve had the great blessing of hearing many of the messages in person while I’ve been on a break from preaching this month. My cup is overflowing, and I hope yours is, too!

Speaking of treasures, I look forward to being back with you and starting a new series August 1-2nd called #WORTHIT. This coming weekend, both campuses will wrap up our “Just Like Jesus” series with messages from Tim Scott at the VR Campus and Tim Ketchersid at the FB Campus. Come with a hungry heart and ready to dive in!

Grace and Peace,

Chris Seidman

News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles