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Vista Ridge Campus

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Beyond Me

Update 1/4/18


Our Vista Ridge renovation project has begun. In the front of the auditorium you’ll see a temporary barrier that will allow us to still use the room while the project is ongoing.  Behind the barrier, the existing stage structure, the baptistry, the changing rooms, the stairs and the projection rooms are all being removed.  These will be replaced with a single level stage and an LED wall which will be used as both the main screen and the side screens.  The new stage will take up less of the room which will allow the addition of about 100 seats. We anticipate this project lasting about four months.

During the construction, there will be about 75 fewer seats available, so if you normally attend the 9:15 AM service, this would be a great time for you to check out our Thursday night 6:45 service, or the 11:00 AM Sunday service, both of which traditionally aren’t as full.

In the Kids Branch wing, a fire control room is being added in the corner of the Kindergarten class room.  This will enable us to add a sprinkler system throughout both the existing structure and the new education wing when it is built. We will still be able to use this room during the construction.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we progress through this project. We’re excited to see how this additional space will further God’s work at The Branch.


Our commitments to the Beyond Me campaign totaled $6.4M, and will be given over the next three years.  This doesn’t include $2.5M of matching contributions, which then brings the total given to $8.9M.  By way of reminder, we also had set aside an additional $1.25 million toward this project before the campaign began. This brings us to a little over $10.1 million overall committed to this project.  As of the middle of December, $1.1M (~13%) of the total commitments have already been received.

Our architect (HH Architects) is currently in the process of developing the drawing package for the new children’s wing and the renovation of the existing Kids Branch space.  They are working with general contractor Roger’s O’Brien during this phase of the process in order to ensure an accurate and cost effective drawing package is completed.

Our current schedule has construction on the new wing beginning in the third quarter of 2018 and lasting approximately nine months for the entire construction and renovation.  That leads to a planned completion in the second quarter of 2019.


Below is information that addresses the mechanics of how we will manage this program for the next three years:

  • The “official” commitment period started in December 2017 and runs through November 2020, but how you choose to give is completely up to you.
  • If you are writing a check or putting cash into the offering baskets or boxes, please make sure to indicate it is for the Beyond Me program by using a giving envelope or writing it in the memo line of the check.
  • If you are setting up an online gift, please make sure you use the Beyond Me (VR Expand/Develop) fund.  If you are setting up a recurring online gift, you can set it up for a specified number of periods (36 months, 156 weeks, etc.) so it will stop at the end of three years.
  • If you completed your commitment card via our online form, this is not the same as setting up a recurring online gift.
  • Your commitment has been loaded into Branch Connect (our online church management system) which allows us to generate a pledge statement report. The first report was mailed in late November 2017 so you could review it for accuracy.
  • If anything looks incorrect with your report, please contact our Executive Minister David Teutsch at so he can get it corrected.
  • If you need information for transferring stock into the church’s brokerage account, let David know and he can give you the necessary information.
  • Each July, we will send an updated report which shows progress against the commitment.  In addition, everything given will be reflected on your annual giving statement for income tax purposes.


We believe the most straightforward way to handle fulfilling your commitment to Beyond Me is by setting up a recurring gift in Branch Connect as shown below.  If you setup a recurring gift, you can specify the number of periods it will last (156 weeks, 36 months, etc.) and it will automatically stop at the end of the number you’ve specified. 

NOTE: The Branch app also has a giving option, but it is not the same system as Branch Connect.  We prefer that you set up your Beyond Me recurring gifts using Branch Connect instead of the app.

  1. 1. Log in to Branch Connect

    Using a web browser on a computer, visit: 

    If you haven’t created a login for Branch Connect, it’s easy! Just select “Sign Up Here” and follow the instructions.

  2. 2. Select “Give” on the left bar 

    Once you’ve logged in, select Give. You may choose either the “One time gift” or “Repeating gift” option.  We recommend setting the repeating gift so you can schedule when your giving will occur throughout your three-year commitment.
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