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Who On Earth Signed Me Up For This Program?

Remember the one about the kid who’s walking through his first day in the first grade, and his teacher announces what they’d be doing in class after lunch? He was baffled. Because the year before in kindergarten he went home for the day at lunch. He raised his hand to object and the teacher informed him that things were different in the first grade. His classmates heard him muttering, “Who on earth signed me up for this program?”

Students aren’t the only ones who feel like that from time to time! This coming weekend, we’re going to take a few moments and bless all the students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and school staff members among us. We’ll also be taking a break from our Amazing (g)Race series, and I’ll be sharing a special message in light of this weekend: “Why We Have Jesus To Blame For School.” This would be a great weekend for you to bring a guest family or a friend or relative who works in some capacity in the world of education.

Tomorrow night, we launch our Thursday night service option at 6:45 pm! It’s the first service of the weekend! If you'll be on the road this weekend, or working on Sunday, don’t forget this opportunity! And of course, it’s another viable option if you’ve been trying to get someone to The Branch who’s rarely available on the weekends. Dinner will be served starting at 6:00 pm and up to a few minutes before service. A special thanks to Tim Ketchersid, who’ll be cooking the inaugural meal tomorrow night! For more details on Thursdays, check out

If you missed either one of the first two messages on racial tension and reconciliation, don’t forget to watch/listen below or check them out through The Branch App.

Grace and Peace,


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles