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You've Never Met A "Nobody"

“You’re nobody till somebody loves you.” (Words from a song Dean Martin recorded in 1965)

If what Dean Martin said is true, then you’ve never met a “nobody.”

I’ve got great news. Somebody loves us. He laid down His life for us. But before He did that, He spoke the truth about life to us. We’re in the midst of an important series on matters of love, sex, marriage, family, and friendship called “Anti-Fragile Love.”

Due to the weather conditions this past weekend, many were not able to be with us that normally are. If you missed this last weekend’s message where I talked about the difference between consumer-relationships, contract-relationships, and covenant relationships – please take some time and watch or listen to it. I believe this message would be a helpful resource for any high school or college students you know as well. In the course of this message, I spoke about the rising tide of people living together outside of a marriage covenant and why a marriage covenant makes such a difference in two truly becoming one. You can check out the message through the link at the bottom of this email.

One of the applications of this past weekend’s message was an offer The Branch is making. We are offering to do weddings for those who are living together outside of a marriage covenant, on Saturday, June 6th. We’ll provide the place, the bridal bouquet, the wedding photographer, reception, and I’ll be happy to do each service or, if you desire, another person on our staff can do so. We do need to know as soon as possible, though. We’ve reserved two-hour slots for couples. You would need a wedding license or, at the very least, a receipt that proves your wedding license is in process. Please email me directly at if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity so we can make plans accordingly.

Now let me say a word about this weekend for our parents of younger children. This next message will primarily concern what Scripture has to say about sex and sexual intimacy. The nature of the content prompts me to at least fire a flare in the air and let all our parents of young children know, should you desire to have them exclusively in Kids Branch programming this weekend. I don’t anticipate what I’m sharing to be graphic or particularly embarrassing, but I didn’t want to share what I’m going to share without giving our parents due notice. This coming weekend will be another important message in this series.

Grace and Peace,

See You This Weekend!


News & Featured ArticlesNews & Featured Articles