Elder Selection at The Branch

If you attend The Branch Church, please engage with the process described below.
We need your prayers and input.

Every eighteen months, we ask the church for recommendations on men who have shown pastoral strengths and other qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Those who are recommended will be considered for the eldership, and over the course of the selection process, will be put before the congregation to affirm their selection.

Recommendation Process

As you are discerning who God is raising up to serve as elders, please:

The Bible

Discern what The Bible says about the characteristics and qualities of shepherds and spiritual leadership.


Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to inform your heart and mind through prayer and fasting. 


Consult with others you’re in community with.

What is an Elder?

Elders are the leaders of our church and provide oversight for the congregation. They serve as volunteer sources of accountability and wisdom for the Lead Minister and are also charged with:

  • Caring for those who are hurting
  • Mentoring those seeking spiritual growth
  • Equipping future leaders


The word "shepherd" is used interchangeably with "elder" as described in 1 Peter 5:1-5.

Shepherds Don’t:
• Boss people around
• Think for everyone else
• Call the shots
• Make all the decisions
• Legislate in matters of opinion
• Grease the squeaky wheels
Shepherds Do:
• Keep watch over the church
• Care for and feed the flock
• Give guidance
• Preach and teach
• Exhort and admonish
• Act as an example
• Serve the church
• Prepare God’s people for service
• Pray over and annoint the sick


Prayerfully consider men that fit these traits. 


  • He already has a number of people in the church who know, respect, and follow him in the Lord.
  • His leadership style reflects Jesus’ model.
  • He has a positive attitude about The Branch, our values, and our mission.
  • He builds unity in everything he does.


  • He demonstrates Christian maturity (is not a new believer).
  • Others in the church look to him for spiritual direction and instruction.
  • He demonstrates a balanced life (family, church, career).
  • His wife is his spiritual partner in ministry.


  • He trains and teaches others how to serve.
  • He is a man of Bible study and prayer.
  • He is a builder of people--an encourager.

An elder need not be:

  • Outstanding in the business world
  • A good public speaker
  • A charismatic personality
  • Wealthy

Qualities and Questions

Reflect also on these qualities and questions.  Keep in mind that these are qualities, not qualifications and not every elder will possess all of these qualities to the same degree.
Good reputation
Do others hold them in high regard?

Morally pure
Do their lives reflect moral and sexual purity, honoring their wives in everything?

Balanced life
How anchored/stable are they?

In uncertain situations, how sound is their judgment?

Good role model
Do their lives attract others to Christ?

Generous and caring
What kind of “hospital” are they?

Communicate well
Are their conversations non-threatening and not defensive?

Do they have any addictive behaviors?  Do they over-indulge?

Are they teachable?  Do they always have to be in control?

Patient and forgiving
Are they vengeful or bitter?  Do they release offenses quickly?

Not abusive
Are they kind and respectful, even when provoked or angry?

How considerate are they of others?

How contentious are they? Do they strive for win/win scenarios?

Not materialistic
Do their spending habits honor God?

Good spouse/parent
Do you see God in the way they love their wives and parent their children?

Pursues godly activities
Which do you see as the bigger magnet for them--the Spirit or the flesh?

Fair and not prejudiced
Are they equitable and impartial, and do they refuse to play favorites?

Holy, devoted to God
Do you see more of Christ in them today than a year ago?

Are they engaged in habits that help them continue to grow in Christ?

All recommendations must be submitted by
July 28

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Thank you for your prayerful participation.