December in Kids Branch is all about Jesus

If you want to understand who God is—if you want to learn more about His character—there may be no better place to start than with the Christmas story.

The Creator of the entire universe was attentive to His creation. He saw and understood the consequences of our sin. He saw our greatest need. And He did something about it. He humbled Himself to be born as a tiny baby in a remote town in the dwelling place of animals. He lived as one of us so that, eventually, He could die for us and rise again, giving us the chance to live eternally with God in heaven.

This Christmas story shows that one aspect of God’s character is compassion. COMPASSION is caring enough to do something about someone else’s need. God lovingly saw our greatest need and met it in the most remarkable way.

People with very real and practical needs surround us. This month, we are going to help our kids train their eyes to see their hurts and teach our hearts to step outside our comfort zone. When we can imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes, take action, and do what is in our ability to help them, we reflect God’s COMPASSION into the world. We may not be able to meet every need or solve every problem, but we can start somewhere and do something. As we demonstrate more COMPASSION, we will see ourselves transformed to be more like God.

This month, we'll be teaching our kids:
(1) God showed compassion to us when He sent His Son to meet our greatest need.
(2) We reflect the character of God to the world around us when we meet others’ needs.
(3) As we demonstrate compassion to others, we experience transformation in our own life and begin to discover more about God’s great compassion.

The monthly memory verse summarizes God’s example of compassion: God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life. John 3:16, NIrV

God saw the world’s greatest need and cared enough to do something about it.

All month, talk with your kids about the great big God who loves us, and has shown compassion to us, through the amazing gift of Jesus!

Tim Scott