Time flies.  This week marks the end of school, and the beginning of Summer 2012.  Amazing.

We've had a great year in Kids Branch, and I want to thank all of our Kids Branch volunteers.  Each week, dedicated men and women give of their time and themselves to teach someone else's kids about Jesus.  They are heroes.  Many of our Kids Branch volunteers make a nine month, school-year commitment to our kids, and they deserve the summer off!  Please be sure to thank these volunteers, they are sowing the seeds of Jesus each week in the hearts of kids, and I am confident those seeds will take root and blossom. 

 Our kids are navigating a complex and ever-changing world.  They are growing every day -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  And as they grow, it's vital that they have relationships with other adults telling them the same things as their parents.  It's vital that they have someone in addition to their parents who will give them a safe place to be honest, to ask hard questions, wrestle with doubt, find acceptance, and discover God with.  That's why it is so important to me to have consistent, year-long volunteers in Kids Branch.  I want all our kids to know that The Branch is a place where they truly belong, and there are adults here who truly believe in them, and want to help them navigate life, and know the great big God who loves them.

 Please be sure to thank the volunteers who are building these relationships with your kids.  Honor them for their efforts to partner with you in bringing up your kids in the Lord!  And pray about joining their ranks next Fall, as we always have room for another adult who wants to make a difference in the lives of kids.

 And, oh yeah.  Summer in Kids Branch is going to be awesome.