Top Ten Reasons to Go to Go!

I'm excited about our Go! Event on August 12-13. By now you've seen Chris' announcement video three or four times, you've received several emails from me, and you've seen the insert in the worship program. I hope you are realizing these two days are going to be special in the mission and ministry of this church. I really think you will want to be there, and need to be there.

So to push you over the line and get you to register, I've put together the Top Ten Reasons to Go to Go! Read them. Enjoy them. And then click "register" at the end of this email.

Drum roll please...

10. Be the first group to hear Chris Seidman’s vision for The Branch in the coming year.

9. Free Food.

8. Get a sneak peek at the “Jesus Is...” curriculum we’ll be using for the 2011-2012 year.

7. Your friends will be there. You like hanging out with your friends...

6. Hey! Free T-shirt!

5. Get your hands on the Kids Branch 2011-2012 Playbook, with important information on strategies, policies, and helpful hints, and maybe even pictures of your kids.

4. Attend ministry-specific breakouts on everything you need to know about Kids Branch, but were afraid to ask.

3. Six hours of free childcare.

2. Fun games and valuable door prizes. (Ok, maybe not VALUABLE door prizes...)

1. Get energized from spending time with other committed volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of kids, and help raise up the next generation of disciples of Christ.

Register today! See you there!