Make Good Choices!

Yesterday in Kids Branch we kicked off the book of Daniel.  My personal favorite.  If you want a blueprint for how to live your life as a servant of God in an ungodly world, look no further than Daniel.  The lessons in Daniel are real and relevant for our kids today. 

Read Daniel 1.  Daniel did not have a choice to be taken from his homeland and sent into indentured servitude in Babylon.  But he did have a choice in how he would react to his new situation, and whether or not he would remain faithful to the One True God.  Daniel chose to do what was right, even though it would have been easier to go along with the crowd.  Daniel chose to follow God instead of men, and God rewarded him for it. 

Key Verse: “We must obey God, rather than men.”  Acts 5:29

Discuss with your kids a time you had to make a choice...a choice to obey God rather than men.  What did you choose?  What were the consequences?  Share yourself with them -- your good choices and your bad.  Ask them about a choice they had to make -- how do they feel about it?  What would they do differently?  Talk to them about how important it is to make good choices, and how Daniel’s good choice put him in position to see many powerful examples of God’s love, and many displays of His mighty power.

Pray for your kids. That they make good choices every day, and that the chose to obey God in all things.  And most importantly, that they chose to accept Jesus and the Good Life we have in Him!