Go! Are you Ready?

GO! Are You Ready?

If you volunteer in a ministry -- or wish to --  you must join us at Go!

The Branch exists to help people live in an intimate relationship with God -- and we have exciting plans for how we’re going to engage our members to live out this purpose daily, and impact our world.
Go! is the starting point for a new year, and a renewed focus in our core ministries.  It will be a time of excitement, sharing, training, and worship.  It will be challenging and inspiring, and a lot of fun.  Chris will share his vision for our collective calling as a church, and each ministry will spend time integrating that vision into our strategies and practices.  

Join us as we:

·         re-commit ourselves to our mission
·         lay out our focus and strategy for 2011-2012
·         challenge each other to live out our calling


·         Friday, August 12th, FB Campus, 6:00pm - 9:00pm // Vision Rally
·         Saturday, August 13th, Both Campuses, 9:00am - 12:00pm // Ministry-Specific Breakouts
·         Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and childcare provided.  

Let’s Go!