Monthly Mission

We all feel the need for The Branch to be more intentional about getting outside ourselves and doing more for the people who aren’t members. People who need Jesus, and people who just need.

I’ve heard from staff members and Branch members alike: Let’s do something to help others, and let’s get our kids involved.
Well. Here we go.

Below is a schedule for the service projects in Kids’ Branch for 2011. I think there are multiple opportunities for Kids’ Branch to partner with other ministries and increase the impact and reach of these efforts.

January, February, and March 2011: Donations and child sponsorships for Christian Relief Fund
April and May 2011: Donations and Service Projects for Senior Adult Services
June and July 2011: Donations for Touch A Life and His Chase
August 2011: Back to School drive for Metrocrest Social Services and/or Central Dallas Ministries
September and October 2011: Food drive for Metrocrest Social Services
November and December 2011: Toy drive for Central Dallas Ministries

For Each of these service projects, we will:
Raise awareness with our kids regarding the needs that exist in their communities and around the world.
Teach them that God is our provider. He gives us everything we have and wants us to give generously to others in need.
Ask kids and families to donate specific goods for that organization.
Incorporate a day of service with the organization for families to work together helping others.
Have specific “stretch” goals for our kids to aim for, coupled with a fun reward

Please be in prayer for our kids as they grow in generosity and awareness of the types of men and women in Christ that God is calling us to be.